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Update From The K Family

By November 20, 2012Uncategorized
We are officially in our new city!  We’ve spent the last two months settling into our new place and it’s starting to feel like home.
So how is it?  We love it!  This new city is a family-friendly town. There is no awful air pollution like in our old city. Most importantly, the church has welcomed us and we are thrilled to be a part of a fellowship that is healthy.  Now we are able to both be fed and serve in partnership with the local church.  As Tiff noted the other day, “Sometimes you don’t realize how hungry you are until there is a feast before you.”  In other words, we are TRULY GRATEFUL to be here.  Moving was definitely the right choice to keep our family healthy spiritually, emotionally, and physically and to be able to continue in ministry.

If you were to peek into our lives recently, you would find:

Sladjo-Transfering all our paperwork from one city to another-bank accounts, driver’s license, ID card, medical records, insurance, etc. It was quite a process.  Bureaucracy is the same the world over–slow! He’s been participating in church meetings to discover how he can best serve here.  Attending church on Sunday and being able to soak up the singing and message (instead of leading it himself) has been refreshing.  He’s also working hard to get to know church members and serve believers in practical ways–for example building a chicken coop and re-roofing a house.  Now he’s teaching English once a week, leading a men’s discovery Bible study, and recently joined the worship team.  Basically, Sladjo is making himself available to serve in whatever ways possible, while building trust with the church leadership.
Tiffany-Unpacking, organizing, cooking and serving meals on our balcony when possible (love this), nursing Lukas, and potty training Evan.  She is very busy at home these days with the kiddos, but has also enjoyed having a few folks from church over, grabbing an occasional coffee out, and attending the women’s Bible study at church.
Evan-Growing, talking like crazy, singing, asking every 15 minutes to watch VeggieTales, and feeding the fish in the pond near our apartment.
Lukas-Growing, smiling, giggling, cooing, blowing bubbles, and sleeping.
In other news….we are coming to the States!  That’s right, it’s time for furlough!  We’ll be in the OKC area December 3-January 28.  Tiff hasn’t been “home” for Christmas in 7 years, so she’s super excited.  Also, it’s been almost 3 years since we’ve seen ya’ll and we need to introduce Lukas to family and friends.

There are a couple of ways that you can help us with furlough:

1. Do you know of individuals, churches, or small groups looking for missionaries to support? Please put us in contact with them. We will be support raising while in America.
2. We need some practical items for our kids while in OKC (this will help cut down on luggage for us).
We need car seats for Evan (2.5 years old weighing about 25 pounds) and Lukas (will be 5-7 months old in the States and weighs about 15 pounds).
Lukas needs a pack-n-play to sleep in and Evan could use a toddler bed or just a toddler mattress and sheets.
Please let us know by email if you could loan us these items for December and January.  We would really appreciate it!

Would you please join with us in praising God for these things:

-Getting settled here safely
-Family town, family-friendly neighborhood
-We’ve been welcomed by the church
-Zoran and Maja and Imela (Sladjo’s brother’s family) moved to Capljina too!
-Clean air
-Our encouraged hearts
-A good church team to partner with in ministry
-3 young married couples in the church for us to hang out with

Join us in asking God for:

-Continued adjustment and wisdom to our new “normal”–new town, slightly different culture, different schedule, different ministry opportunities
-Wisdom and grace in parenting two kids instead of one–this has been a challenge!
-Healing for Lukas who has  severe eczema.  With treatment it comes and goes, but we’d like to find out what is causing it!
-Contacts and relationships with the people of Capljina–may we be able to share the hope that we have in Christ!
-It’s visa season for Tiff-pray for no complications in the process
Folks, we’re blessed to have you on our support team.  Also, we’re grateful to be in a better place for our family and ministry.  We look forward to seeing many of you while in America. Thanks for partnering with us!
Blessings, Sladjan, Tiffany, Evan, and Lukas

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