What We Believe

The Holy Scriptures

We believe that the Bible is God’s written revelation to man, and thus the sixty-six books of the Bible constitute the plenary (inspired equally in all parts) Word of God (I Corinthians 2:7-14; II Peter 1:20-21).  We believe the Scriptures were God-breathed, divinely inspired in every word (II Timothy 3:16), absolutely inerrant in the original documents, and infallible.

God the Father

We believe that there is one living and true God (Deuteronomy 6:4; Isaiah 45:5-7; I Corinthians 8:4), Who has revealed Himself through creation (Psalm 19:1) and through conscience (Romans 1:19-20), and who is an infinite, all-knowing Spirit (John 4:24), perfect in all His attributes, eternally existing in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19; II Corinthians 13:14) – yet one in essence, deserving worship and obedience (John 20:28; cf. John 17:5 with Isaiah 42:8; Revelation 1:17 with Isaiah 42:8).

God the Son

We believe in the deity of God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  God the Father sent His Son into the world born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14), to live a sinless life (Hebrews 4:15), to perform authenticating signs (Acts 2:22), to be crucified as a substitutionary sacrifice for all mankind, and to rise bodily from the grave on the third day as evidence of His deity and power over death (I Corinthians 15:1-4).  We believe that He ascended to the Father’s right hand to be the Head of the church and to intercede for all believers (Ephesians 1:20-23), and that He is coming again to this earth, personally and bodily.

God the Holy Spirit

We believe that God the Holy Spirit is a divine Person (John 14:16) who indwells, sanctifies, instructs, empowers for service, and seals all believers at the time of salvation for eternity (Romans 8:9; II Corinthian 3:6; Ephesians 1:13).


We believe that man is born into sin (Romans 5:12).  Man’s salvation comes about by sanctification through Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:10), is instantaneous, and accomplished solely by the power of the Holy Spirit through the instrumentality of the Word of God by grace through faith, on the basis of the redeeming work of Jesus Christ, and by the merit of His shed blood, not on the basis of human merit or works (Ephesians 2:8-9).  All the redeemed are kept by God’s power and are thus secure in Christ forever (Romans 8:38-39).  Faith in the finished work of Christ will be evidenced by good works in the life of the believer (James 2:14).

The Church

We believe that all who put their faith in Jesus Christ are immediately placed by the Holy Spirit into one united spiritual Body, the Church, of which Christ is the head (Ephesians 1:22; Colossians 1:18).  The Church began on the Day of Pentecost and will endure until the coming of Christ.  The purpose of the Church is to glorify God by building up its members in the faith (Romans 15:6), by instruction of the Word, by keeping the ordinances of baptism and communion, by fellowship (Ephesians 4:12), through service, and by seeking to extend the gospel to the entire world (Matthew 28).

Other Statements

We have included two statements of belief and an article that we feel are particularly important to affirm at this point in church history.

Statement on Marriage (HBC Bylaws)
Statement on Racism (HBC Bylaws)
Article on Sanctity of Life / Abortion (HBC Elders & HBC Bylaws)