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Twitter “Bible”? Ohhhh yeeaaaahhhhhh.

By November 30, 2012Uncategorized

Did you know there is a Twitter Bible just in time for the super spiritual gift giving season of our Lord, otherwise known as Christmas? Apparently it summarizes the over 31,000-verse Bible into nearly 4,000 little “Mini-Messages”.

It was originally called “And God Decided to Chill”, the book is the compilation of tweets by more than 3,000 Christians who participated in the church project earlier this year. In honor of the Pentecost holiday, they used the micro-blogging service Twitter to summarize 3,906 Bible sections into 140 character messages, according to Berlin-based newspaper “The Local.” Though the project was scheduled for May 20-30, it was completed 37 hours ahead of schedule and achieved a world record.

At this point I have so lost sight of the point due to my own fascination with breaking a world record. I may or may not get back to the original point in writing this. I had never thought of breaking a world record by stripping the Bible of content and robbing it of it’s meat. There have been thoughts of starting my cereal milk business by changing the Lord’s Supper to the Lord’s Breakfast. But now my mind is racing on how I can break a record.

The tweets were sometimes entertaining, such as the tweet describing God’s day of rest after creation: “Thank God! It’s Sunday!”  Melanie Huber, portal manager of the Protestant Website putting this on said about the initiative: “We want with this action to encourage a debate about the Bible and to simultaneously show the modern possibilities that exist to receive and make known the Word of God,

Wow! This may actually be the spark of creative genius that launches my cereal milk business. It is for the Gospel… I want to make the substitutionary sacrifice of the Son of God known to the world and the method I will use is really not the point. So I’m going to replace the sacrament of drinking the symbolic blood of Jesus with drinking the (cereal) milk of the lamb. No harm done, right? I think it would spark debate. Certainly people would be arguing over which flavor best represents the atonement and people will come to love Jesus because hey, who doesn’t love cereal?

Similarly in the United States, many Christian leaders have found Twitter to be an effective ministry tool to share the Word of God. Some U.S. churches have even embraced the micro-blogging service to the point of flashing tweets from worshippers on large video screens during Sunday service.

Apologies for not getting to my commentary on this story, but I am deep into my fantasies of reaching the lost through “The Lord’s Breakfast”, cereal milk of the atonement.  It appears as if Newton’s AppleJacks just fell on my head with this marketing epipheny: People could “tweet” their love for cereal milk communion during the actual service, on the screens. Something like a spontaneous clap offering or something. I’m certain I would love it and my guess is if the tweets said something about Jesus, He would receive glory.

Clearly I am too busy to give commentary on this story. I’m off to get my product, errrr… our elements for this worship experience ready.  So, in lieu of my witty thoughts I will leave you with this.

God is good…. All the time.

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