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The WHAT and the WHY of Precepts

By October 22, 2012Uncategorized
The book of Zechariah is such an encouraging book to be studied, especially during the current times of such unrest in the world and at home.  We want to know what the future holds for us — that vast uncharted sea of unknown, holding joy or terror, comfort or pain, love or loneliness.  Some people fear the days to come, wondering what evils lurk in the shadows; others use any means they can trying desperately to discover what might lie ahead.  But tomorrow’s story is known only to God and only a few chapters have been revealed to us through the Scriptures.  God used Zechariah to proclaim the Word of the Lord and give a brief view into what promises God had for our future; pointing out sin, explaining its consequences, and calling men and women to repentance and obedience.
Your King is Coming and He will reign forever and ever.  The Messiah will come both to rescue people from sin and to reign as king.  He will establish His kingdom, conquer all His enemies, and rule over all the earth.  Everything will one day be under His loving and powerful control.  So why do we worry and fret so much about what God knows and controls for our future?  We may never see more than a moment ahead, but we can be secure if we trust in Him.  Come and study the book of Zechariah and strengthen your faith in  God — He alone is your hope and security in the unknown future we face. 
What is Precept?
An in-depth inductive way to study God’s Word by observing the text line-by-line and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal deap and wonderful insights into God’s wisdom and understanding. The study began Oct 11 and will run every Thursday. from 9:30am to 11:30am. Email Judy for more information. 
Why come?
I have been studying with Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries for over 20 years and can hardly wait to start the next study.  God reveals so much application from His word during the studies that I never seem to exhaust the depths of His blessings for me in His Word.  I not only learn from the text but from the other women in the class as they share the insights and understanding they have received from the ultimate teacher – Holy Spirit.  God wants us to know without any doubt that He is God and there is no other……He will meet with you moment by moment as you allow Him time in His Word.

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