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Shepherding the “ewes” – September 15

By September 5, 2013Uncategorized

Impact a Younger Gal by Unwrapping Your Life

You’ve learned life. Bible studies and times in the Word have changed you because you heard Him speak to you and you obeyed. God’s truths have molded, refined, changed you…the life of Christ impacting your life through your obedience and His grace.  And the hard knocks of life have done their part. You’re ready. It’s time to be emptied and poured out so He can fill you again.

His life, truths, and wisdom, plus practical experience gained through years…will you open up, walk with a younger gal along her journey, and share what He’s taught you? We call it “Shepherding the Flock: 2gether, Growing in Godliness.”

Our next session on shepherding (mentoring/discipling) our young “ewes” is on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 15, 4 to 6 in Room 104. Our first session was introductory; this session will get down to some “how-to’s”; some resources; and some testimonies of those who’ve been “shepherding” a long time.

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