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Prayer – a path to change anyone can be a part of…

By January 2, 2016Uncategorized

If there was ever a time when the world needed to know more about Jesus, that time is now.  And that’s happening without many of us even being aware of or involved.  I’m referring to the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) study on the book of Revelation which is being taught around the globe – on every continent from Heritage to even Viet Nam and Taiwan.

The topic of “end times” has enticed many who are simply curious – (making this the most popular BSF study.)  A friend’s son is one of those curious.  He grew up in church and was active in all the youth functions, but he gradually drifted away.  Today at 40-something he hasn’t been involved in a church for many years.  But then the BSF Revelation came along and he signed up.  His Mom says, “It is a wonderful miracle of God that he is doing Revelation – and so actively.”

But the book of Revelation is about more than end times – Jesus is on nearly every page.  The gospels tell of Jesus in human form; Revelation reveals His divine nature.  And knowing Jesus changes lives!  Even longtime Christ followers are discovering a new, deeper worshipful awe of Jesus.

As the study changes lives and awakens hearts, the students can’t help but tell others – imagine the ripple effect if they tell and the rest of us pray… I encourage all of you to be a part of this change by adding BSF leaders and students to your prayer list.

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