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Leviticus – Ugh!!

By April 26, 2016Ministries

Marty’s newest series is on the book of Leviticus. If you’re like I was, you’ve only done a quick scan of Leviticus on trips through the Bible. I mean, it’s just about blood and mildew – right? Each time I approached the book I said, “Next year I’ll read more thoroughly – or at least I’ll stop and think about what it’s saying.” And that thought seemed to keep my conscience relatively clear.

But one year when Exodus ended and I turned the page to Leviticus, I was determined to find out what the book said – since it is part of God’s Word, maybe it says something important… So I found a commentary and began studying. By the end of the first chapter, I was hooked. I went from knowing about it to actually knowing it. I began to see beyond and beneath the blood and mildew. The Old Testament adds to the backstory of the truths of the New Testament. It adds a richness, a fullness and provides a deeper understanding of the New Testament. And Leviticus is no exception to this.  

So instead of thinking “ugh” at the thought of Leviticus, be ready to be amazed!    



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