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Conditioner and What It Reveals About All Of US

By November 16, 2012November 17th, 2012Uncategorized

Earlier today I found myself using Conditioner…

I don’t have any hair. Why was I using Conditioner?

What was I thinking?

Apparently, I wasn’t thinking.

How does this even happen?

Do I do ridiculous things like this in other areas of my life?

No conditioner needed

When the conditioner was thought to be needed

First off, Conditioner is that stuff you put on your hair after shampoo-ing so your hair will be all shiny and soft. I clearly have no need for conditioner, but it hasn’t always been this way. I once had a full head of hair. Hair that looked like it came directly off of a romance novel. Hair that blew enchantingly in the wind. Hair that would look great in a discount catalog or picture frame at a store. Those days are gone…So what am I doing throwing conditioner in my, check that, on my head?  The answer:

No one knows. But I think it is symptomatic of something all of us do. Each of us think we are better than we are. Whether consciously or not, we struggle to believe the reality of our situation. We are not talking about hair anymore are we?

Though I have gone to church for a long time, heard the Gospel again and again, I can still forget how I have nothing to offer apart from God. Too often I can try to be good enough or more “christian” instead of relying on the grace God has given. In these moments, I am acting just like the bald guy applying conditioner.  I can apply all I want, but it’s not going to help my hair, because there is no amount of product to help. I can try to add conditioner to my life, try harder, polish up the dirty parts, but no amount of scrubbing will make me any more acceptable to the Lord.This is your story as well, though you may still have an incredible head of hair. Trying to be shiny is entirely different than being made holy. God alone redeems sinners. We can foolishly attempt to apply conditioner, but it won’t help.

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