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Come and Celebrate the Resurrection!

Someone has said that Christmas is essential, for it is the beginning. But without Easter, Christmas would be worthless, forgotten not long after it had begun. Easter truly is the apex of the Christian faith. It is the day in which we celebrate the wonder of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ who gave us new life. Instead of viewing Easter as another holiday, those of us who believe should return it to being a holyday. 

This coming Friday night at 7-8pm our church family will gather to remember the sober side of Easter. We will commemorate the passion of Christ as He went to Golgotha and there became the substitute for sinners, bearing the wrath of God as the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world. The service will be a rich tapestry of music, preaching and observing the Lord’s Supper together. Childcare is provided for children through the age of four, and we encourage families to come and remember this time together.

On Sunday Morning at 9:00am we will enjoy a wonderful time of fellowship together with a pancake breakfast in the West Wing of our facilities. After a time of prayer we will transition to our Worship Celebration at 10:30am where we will sing the songs of resurrection and hear God’s Word proclaimed that Jesus is alive. What a great time this would be for you to invite that neighbor or friend to join you for fellowship and worship! People are often eager to attend a worship service on Easter, and your invitation could be their opportunity to come and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Easter we celebrate a great victory! We rejoice over the unspeakable deliverance that is ours through simple faith in Jesus Christ, who conquered sin and the grave and who has set us free. This victory deserves a wonderful and jubilant celebration, and we hope that you will be present this coming Easter Sunday to celebrate with us!

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