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Camo and the art/skill/sin of hiding

By September 12, 2013Uncategorized

Calling All Men Of Heritage…(CAMOHeritage-camo). Camouflage is extremely helpful when blending in to your surroundings on a hunt. There’s something about blending in that’s naturally comforting and appealing to most men, but as men of God we are called out of darkness and into light…from blending in to leading out…from hiding to leading.


With this is mind, we are challenging all the men of Heritage to set aside a few hours on October 6th, 6-8pm to attend a special evening that is sure to help you fight the good fight and equip you to help others do battle as well.

It appears that one of the Enemies most effective weapons of mass destruction for our generation is pornography.  Survey after survey indicates that 50% of all Christian men struggle with pornography.  That number goes up to 67% when just considering those between the ages of 18-35.  Marriages are being destroyed, families and are being ripped apart, men are suffering in silence with guilt, shame and depression.  As the church, as men of God, we must engage in this battle—for our sake and for the sake of our sons and grandsons and neighbors.  Whether you personally struggle or not, the reality is people all around you are. We ALL MUST be equipped and educated to fight the good fight.  Our fellowship with the Lord, our relationships with one another, and our effectiveness for the Kingdom are all being destroyed as we sit back while so many are entangled in this secret sin.

Our special guest October 6th will be Jerry D Wright. Jerry Wright is a minister and also serves as a speaker and venue moderator at one of America’s largest Christian men’s gatherings at Falls Creek’s “MenRewired.” He is the founder, editor, and publisher of “Men Living Up,” a resource for the most challenging issues for today’s men including sexual addiction topics.  He has written an excellent book entitle, “My Father’s Stash,” which chronicles his journey into and out of sexual addiction.  It truly is a tremendous resource that I believe every man should read.

We are Calling All Men Of Heritage to attend October 6th 6-8pm in the HBC Chapel.  We are NOT asking you to come and talk or share your struggles or break up into small groups.  The entire agenda for the evening revolves around us hearing Jerry’s story and being equipped and educated. Topics to be covered are: the effects of pornography on our brain and heart, how this kind of addiction works, what to do if you’re struggling, how to help those that are struggling, and how to avoid this kind of struggle all together.

Let’s stop blending in and start leading out—as individuals and as a church. May we all take a stand and fight to walk in purity and honor the Lord in all we do.

NOTE:  Guests are welcomed. The content will be best suited for those 16 and older.
For resources or more information about Jerry Wright please visit Resources include seminars, workshops, website, blog, and free podcasts on ITunes®.   Jerry recently launched Men Living Up Radio, with Internet broadcasted programming designed specifically for men.

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