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Act Your Age Not Your IQ

By March 17, 2016March 18th, 2016Ministry

Well, some things are easier than others, am I right?
Confession #1: This  IS said to me far more than I would prefer. Maybe this haymaker has been leveled at you as well. Every single week, often more than once a week, a certain person tells me “You are ridiculous.” I’m not sure I really know what to do with that type of edification.
Confession #2:Plenty of people, are acting their IQ. This should not catch us off-guard as it does. But it does…

Confession #3: Acting one’s age is no plan for success, let alone christlikeness. It’s one thing to be childish, and one more thing to be acting “oldish
Confession #4: I’ve been wondering some things… I’m telling you, some things have been rattling around in my head. Maybe we need to act a little less like our age(s) in our approach to this Easter.
Confession #5: Easter is about more than dressing up, getting your family to come to church, the lunch after, candy, eggs, or whatnot… I love how Leslie Newbigin put it:

”_They resurrection is not the reversal of a defeat but the proclamation of a victory. The King reigns from the tree_.”

If we fail to get to the celebration, we have failed to get to the Gospel.

A Far Side Easter - Gary Larson

A Far Side Easter – Gary Larson

So let us worship with less pretense, less performance, and less polish. Let’s be a people who are looking to the cross with overwhelming joy, and gratefulness, awe, wonder, praise, and hope. And let us leave the Pez or the pageantry to someone else. Confession #6: I am leading a subversive movement to not act your age or your IQ, but rather act like someone who was purchased at a great price and raised from the dead!!!

I can see it now, in the Children’s Ministry on Easter Sunday

The children opened the plastic eggs and they were all empty! “See, kids, because the tomb was empty”. They all wept with understanding.” @ChetChurchpain

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