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Missionaries are not a breed apart, nor a breed above. We are ordinary people, trying our best to do what God tells us to do. We sometimes live in places that seem extraordinary or odd. And we struggle to find joy in difficult times, just like you.

Yes, this is one of those times and one of those days for me. Family is far away and I cannot reach them. I cannot help them, cannot hug them. Cannot laugh and weep with them. And so I pray for them. And cry for them. And wonder if I should share this with anyone.

Dear God,

My family is celebrating today and I cannot be with them. Please give them joy and delight. Let them be merry as they hug and laugh with one another. May their excitement be full and overflowing as they thank you for this time of joy.  Help them understand that I am rejoicing with them.

Dear God,

My family is hurting today and I cannot be with them. Please comfort them. Help them find a way through the pain. Walk with them, carry them, be their strength. Teach them how to lean on you, how to cry out to you and to lay their burdens upon you. Bring them words of comfort from your heart. Help them understand that their sorrow is my sorrow.

Dear God,

My family is facing illness and I cannot be with them. They need your healing. They need a miracle. I need to know you will be with them every step of the way. I’m calling on you to bring to them what is most important, that is, your Son. Please save the souls of my loved ones. Send someone to them to speak your truth and bring encouragement.

Dear God,

My family is facing challenges today. They are confused and unsure which way to turn. Please give them wisdom and discernment. Lead them into your truth and all knowledge of you. Teach them to praise you and to not be anxious; to lay all of their cares upon you and to receive the peace that passes all understanding. Guard their hearts and their minds through your Son, Jesus Christ. Help me to minister to them from thousands of miles away. Help them to understand that even though we are far apart, we are in this, and all things, together.


Editor’s Note:  Please koin in this prayer for all the far-away families of our missionaries. Pray also for our mssionaries as they experience many “family events” long-distance.

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