Find information HERE about Groups@HBC; there are groups for women, men, singles or couples.


Women’s Bible Studies will begin again in the fall.  Watch this webpage, the Heritage Weekly or the Women’s Table for upcoming Bible studies. To sign up for Bible Studies, please call the church office at 720-1449.


Who are your friends?

A friend of mine has a group of women who meet at her home every week. They range in age from 20-something to 80-something. When the group first started, they wondered how it would survive with such a wide range in age, “What will we say to each other? What do we have in common? How can we possibly relate to what’s happening in their lives?”

But over the weeks as they came to know each other, they have become mentors, teachers – and listeners, pray-ers – in other words, “friends.”

Friend” has been defined as God’s ‘salve’ on your hurts and fears. Every generation, regardless of how they may appear on the outside, has needs, hurts, and fears. And each generation, whether or not they know it, has ‘salve’ for hurts and needs. It’s easy to look at other generations with a critical eye…’why don’t they…’ or ‘don’t they know…’ But when you get to know them, you have a better understanding of their needs, the pressures and problems they deal with daily.

Maybe it’s time to reach out to someone new and ask them to join you for coffee? Maybe you have the ‘salve’ or maybe you’re the one who needs the ‘salve.’