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Purity (Parent Video)

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This video is for the parents to watch in preparation for the conversations to follow. How often have you been overwhelmed by this topic and the awkwardness of what is to come? Well, good news – bad news… This video won’t take the awkwardness away, it won’t make it suddenly easy to talk about. BUT. It will help you embrace the awkwardness.


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Trying to help our children understand what worship is starts with us having an appreciation and understanding of it ourselves. What does it look like for us to worship God with our whole heart? Let this video help you get your minds and hearts around this important topic.

Preparing For Adolescence

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Few things in life come with more anxiety than raising teenagers. Too many of us feel entirely unprepared for this season of parenting. Let the tools presented in this video help ease your nerves as you prepare to lead your teen through these important years.


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Will your child be prepared to head out on their own? What are you doing to intentionally prepare them to make wise, Godly decisions with their life? This video seeks to boil down all the thoughts, fears, and confusion swirling around this topic.

Family Time

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“Help! I need help! How do I lead my family in Bible stuff? Where do I start? What do I say? Help?” If you have ever felt this way, then this video is for you.