Chad “Kicker” Kositzky

Student/Communications Pastor

I am married to Kelly, and we are blessed to have three young children (Layni, Kaysen, and McKinley). Our first-born, Brayden, went to be with the Lord when he was two and a half months old after battling with a heart defect. God’s grace and comfort were on full display throughout his life and death.

As it connects to Brayden, Psalm 119:68 has encouraged my family and me to continue in faithfulness and hope in our Lord, “You are good and you do good…” I could certainly say more about that, i.e., sovereignty and goodness of God).

A pivotal moment in my spiritual life occurred at a summer camp when I was 14. After one of the main teaching sessions, I remember standing outside the auditorium with my youth group as several were sharing what God had been doing in their hearts. At that moment, the Lord seemed to open my eyes and heart to understand a simple, yet remarkable truth that I had failed to grasp until that point. The Christian life is not about being a good kid, it’s about loving Jesus. I had been a really good kid compared to most, and I was fairly intentional about having a good reputation and making good decisions. But in that moment I was so convicted that I was not intentionally striving to love and honor Christ. Jesus was good enough – I wasn’t and I never would be on my own. Rather than trying to measure up, I should be striving to love Him with all my heart, soul, and mind.

In my life before the pleasure of raising children, I loved playing sports, especially volleyball.

My primary role at Heritage is overseeing the Student Ministry (grades 7-12).

Pastoral counseling is an aspect of my ministry which I enjoy, and I consider it an honor and privilege to be with people in moments when they are letting their guard down and being courageous enough to ask for support in the midst of their struggle.