Heritage is a group of people KNIT TOGETHER as one body to delight in God and declare His glory. Whether you are here for the first time or have been a part for many years, we hope this website will be a blessing to your soul. We are convinced life-change only happens by God’s amazing work and this is why He is the focus of everything we do in this service.

Taking the FOCUS off ourselves and placing it on The One who is worthy, allows us to acknowledge our brokenness and run to the cross. God, through Jesus Christ, The One who sits on the throne of grace rescues and redeems, saves and sends. We look to Him alone for our worth and our reward.

Since it is GOD ALONE who changes lives, we are in a never ending search for more of Him. And while there are nice things in this world, there is no better, more perfect place to learn of Him than in His Holy Scriptures. At a typical gathering we will pray God’s Word, sing God’s Word, preach God’s Word, and hopefully be living examples of changed lives because of His Word.

Our sincere HOPE is for you to worship God, perhaps for the first time. We want to be a place of connecting with God, worshipping Him in community, and connecting with others in ways that not only bring joy, but also bring glory to God.