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February 16-18

This weekend event for 7th-12th graders is a great opportunity to connect to the Student Ministry for the first time. Our prayer is that many will connect with Christ for the first time as well. Please encourage your sons and daughters to be a part and encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to invite friends…especially those without a church home. Over the years BIG Weekend has served as an entry point into the lives of several students who had not been a part of spiritual community. Plus, it’s been a great vehicle to encourage our students to have a heart for the people in their lives who may not know Christ.

Our three main sessions on Friday and Saturday will be held at Quail Springs Baptist Church which provides an incredible opportunity for hundreds of students from the area to come together and worship the Lord. Our prayer is that this corporate gathering will show a broader picture of the church and encourage the students to realize they are not alone in their faith.

Throughout the weekend, 8-10 students will stay at a Heritage host home along with 2 Heritage small group leaders. These leaders will facilitate small group discussions and encourage the students to recognize the power and relevance of God’s Word. We will have an Amazing Race for the Heritage students on Saturday afternoon. We will wrap things up at Heritage on Sunday morning in the Youth Room and then go to our regular worship service. (Note: students are not required to spend the night in order to participate in the weekend, but I would encourage them to spend as much time as possible with their groups throughout the weekend. Please let me know if that’s your plan.)


Cost: $35 per student

When: Friday 6pm – Sunday 12pm (Feb 16-18)

Deadline to register is Feb. 4

Required HBC Student Waiver


Theme: “Bow. Stand. Reach.”

This year’s theme is: “Bow. Stand. Reach.” This theme encompasses a three-part journey of faith. Initially, individuals engage personally with God by bowing before Him. This personal connection enables them to stand before man while withstanding worldly and cultural pressures, rooted in their informed and intimate faith. Ultimately, this leads to reaching out to the world, so that others may also come to know God.

  • Bow Before God: The first step in our spiritual journey is to ‘Bow’ before God. This symbolizes a deep, personal understanding and acceptance of our faith. By knowing our Creator and Savior intimately, students learn the importance of humility and continuous growth in their relationship with God.
  • Stand Before Man: The second phase, ‘Stand’ represents the courage and strength to uphold one’s faith in the face of worldly challenges. This stage emphasizes the importance of a biblical worldview, allowing students to confidently stand on the teachings of the Bible, which offers guidance, edification, and relevance in their lives.
  • Reach the World: Finally, ‘Reach’ encourages students to extend their faith outward. With a strong foundation in their relationship with God and a firm stance in their beliefs, students are inspired to share the message of Jesus with the world. This phase highlights the importance of compassion and outreach, teaching that our knowledge and faith are not just for personal edification, but also for the transformation of the world around us.

Each element of the theme – Bow, Stand, Reach – interconnects to form a comprehensive guide for living a faith that is both deeply personal and outwardly impactful.

Students should BRING:

– Signed HBC Student Wavier
– Sleeping Bag / Pillow  / Towel / Personal Toiletries / Bible / Pen
– Favorite snack and @ 2 liter to share
– Comfortable, modest clothes  (be prepared to be outside some Saturday)


Friday, Feb 16
 6:00   Student Check-In at HERITAGE in the Herndon Hall (Southwest end of Church)
7:00   Main Session I @ Quail Springs Baptist
9:00   Travel to Host Homes, Free Time, Snacks, etc.
10:15   Small Group Session
11:00   Free Time
12:00   Lights Out

Saturday, Feb 17
 8:15    Breakfast and Quiet Times in Homes
10:30   Main Session 2 @ Quail Spring Baptist
12:15   Lunch @ HERITAGE and Skit Prep
1:30   Amazing Race @ HERITAGE
5:30   Dinner @ Host Homes
7:00   Main Session 3 @ Quail Springs Baptist
9:00   Go to Host Homes, Free Time, Snacks, etc.
10:15  Small Group Session
11:00   Free Time
12:00   Lights Out

Sunday, Feb 18  (wear t-shirts, put luggage in the Gym)
9:00-10:15     Breakfast @ HERITAGE Café / Weekend Recap / Race Results
10:30-11:45     Main Church Service (Jim Jackson will preach and wrap up the weekend)


Feb 18 2024


All of the day


Chad "Kicker" Kositzky