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Well, How Was Your Trip?

By November 17, 2012Uncategorized

We have been back nearly two weeks, so we have had a little time to sift through our thoughts and impressions of the trip and how it affected us. Probably the best way to describe what happened is to share how the Lord answered the prayer requests we asked for your help on.

We asked:
-For the Lord to enable us to share about Him as we have the opportunity
Wow, we and the team had at least five separate opportunities to share in group settings with students, both one on one and in groups of three or more. Some deep theological discussions, testimonies, sharing of the gospel, and a variety of other topics were covered. We were able to spend time with several students at meals, on tourist outings, and going to and from events. In many cases their help with translation and transportation was invaluable, especially when Peggy and I left the team for a few days to travel to Xining by train and bus.
-For us to bless and encourage the believers and workers there

 This happened in all four cities that Peggy and I visited. We were able to participate in three different worship groups on two Sundays. All of the M’s working there (a large number were from Oklahoma) expressed gratitude for us coming and for some of the gifts we shared with them. We were greatly blessed and encouraged ourselves by the way they shared their lives and ministries with us. Seeing some of the living situations they are willing to embrace to bring the love of our Lord to students and other people groups was challenging. Our team has received emails of appreciation since we returned also for the impact we had on their ministries.

-For our hearts to be prepared for the trip and also wisdom to know about our future ministry in

The Father did prepare us and gave us some direction about returning to China. We have two schools we can teach at in Xining, and some amazing opportunities were shared with us in Xi’an that came about through a network of fellow followers that we did not have any idea about before the trip. At the present only two scenarios would keep us from returning next year – an unexpected decline in our health, or US and China relations really going sour where no visas would be granted. Lord willing we are going back.
-That we will delight in God and declare His glory as we serve those at the schools and also our fellow travelers
The other six members of our team from the Boston area were just delightful. We had participated in a number of skype training sessions with them before we left, but the first time we met them in person was in the Chicago airport on the way to China. Each of them only wanted to glorify the Lord in all that we did in China. We really appreciated our co-leaders, John and Bob, veteran travelers to China with a real heart for students.
-The total cost for our trip is $6,500. Please pray with us that the funds to cover our trip expenses will be provided.Wow again, your generosity overwhelmed us. The quick response time of your giving enabled us to buy our plane tickets early and save some expense there, and then the balance of costs were covered in a timely fashion.

Thank you so much for your prayer and/or financial support. Your intercession with the Father on our behalf resulted in wonderful answers to our requests.

Some verses that really impressed us during this time are:

For Peggy – Psalm 57:2 – I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.

For Gary – Psalm 37:4 – Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.


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