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In His Steps

By March 29, 2012April 21st, 2012Ministry

The Purpose

With all the talk of “from the neighborhoods to the nations” we might find ourselves asking “What does this look  like?” How do we have a heart for people around the corner from us when we are overwhelmed with all the things right in from to of our faces? Every single day we come in contact with souls facing eternity; souls in need of lasting hope and peace and joy that only Christ can give. How do we see past the surface and give them Jesus?
We will talk about life-on-life successes and failures; about out-of-the-box ideas to share truth in the workplace and neighborhood; about intentionally leaving a legacy of discipleship in our families. There will be time to ask questions and find out from others what are the obstacles and insights others have gained in their areas.
We will look at how God has called and gifted each of us uniquely, to be His minister to people in our sphere of life. Do we even see the people God has brought into our path?  And if we do see them, what next? In His Steps, will equip men, women, and even children to take their place in the Great Commission, leading others to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

The Schedule

10:30 am Message 1: God’s Calling on Your Life (Worship Center)
12:00 noon Lunch by RSVP/Ticket (Education Building)
12:40 pm Message 2: Walking Through Open Doors (Education Building)
1:25 pm Coffee-Break
1:35 pm Equipping Sessions with 4 Options:
Personal Evangelism… How Do I Start?– Mike McGee
Bible Storying… Telling the Stories of Jesus as You Go – Melissa Hawley
I’ll Go! What Now? (Preparing for Short-Term Missions)?– Chad Puckett
How Can my Gifts Meet a Need in Ministry at HBC? – David Southerland
2:15 pm Coffee-Break
2:35 pm Getting Started!
3:10 pm Message 3: Starting Where You Are! Following the last message, 
(Kent will be giving books and equipping materials to those who have remained for the day.)

Free Books! Are You Kidding Me?

You read that right. Our speaker will be giving away resources to people for coming.  You can go to the book store and buy them or you can come to the conference, get equipped, eat a good lunch, meet some quality people, and get stuff for free. Your call…

The Speaker

Kent Humphreys grew up working in the family business, “Jack’s Merchandising and Distribution”, a general merchandise distributor to retailers. After marrying Davidene, and graduating from the University of Oklahoma (BA), he spent four years in the U.S. Army. He returned home in 1972 to buy the business with two brothers, which he operated for twenty-five years. In 2000, Kent started American Health Diagnostics.

Kent has been a business leader for forty years. While owning and operating a nationwide general merchandise distribution business for twenty-five years, he worked with the nation’s largest retailers. After selling the family business, Kent continued to be involved in commercial real estate and the medical distribution businesses. From 2002 through 2007, he was president of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, an organization that equips and encourages Christian business owners who desire to use their companies as a platform for ministry. Kent now serves them as a worldwide ambassador for FCCI (Christ@Work).

    For many years, Kent has spent much of his time ministering to business leaders, pastors, and students across the country through speaking, writing, and mentoring. He has spoken in seminaries across the United States and at numerous international conferences. He traveled extensively overseas for many years. Kent and his wife Davidene have written a number of books including: Show and then Tell (Moody Press, 2000), Shepherding Horses, 2006, Christ@Work Opening DoorsImpacting Your Workplace for Jesus Christ  and  Christ@Work in Your Transition, from the Campus to the Workplace, 2010, and Letters to Workplace Leaders and other titles of the My Heart to Yours series, 2011. Kent and Davidene have three children and eight grandchildren, and make their home in Oklahoma City. You can find his books here.

Bible Storying

The following is a glimpse at one of the Equipping Sessions.  Melissa Hawley will be talking about storying the Bible.

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