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Neighborhood VBS

How this works: families, small groups or multiple families host a VBS right in their own backyard or maybe a neighborhood park. Invite neighbors and friends that you will have continued contact with. You can host yours in the morning or evening, whichever works best for you, the week of June 22-25. This gives an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and reach them with the Gospel. We will provide the curriculum and materials needed, so don’t feel overwhelmed, this can be simple and easy to put together! Jim Jackson, Lauren Naylor, and Billy & Shawn McGill will be available to help be a part of your Neighborhood VBS if needed.

If you’re interested in helping with or hosting a Neighborhood VBS contact Shawn McGill 405-919-5081


Jun 22 2020 - Jun 25 2020
Shawn McGill


Shawn McGill

Other Organizers

Lauren Naylor