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Advent 2020- Ruth: The Advent of the Savior

The season leading up to Christmas has traditionally been referred to as Advent, which is derived from the Latin word meaning “coming.” Pastor Jim has preached two sermons so far focusing on two wonderful aspects of Christ’s coming into the world. For the remainder of the Christmas season and ending on the first Sunday of the New Year, Pastor Marty will be pausing the series in I Thessalonians to focus on a brief Christmas Advent series from the Old Testament book of Ruth.

We will be looking at some incredible themes dealing with God’s providence in dark times, the beautiful picture of our Kinsman-Redeemer, and the story of a brave young woman who makes a radical commitment to trust God and travels to Bethlehem where she gives birth to a child who will change the world.

The four messages build on each other, so we encourage you to join us for the first message this coming Sunday at 10:30am in one of our three venues on campus or on live online video streaming at home. Jonathan will also be leading the choir and orchestra this coming Sunday in a special time of Christmas worship of the Savior.

-HBC Pastors


Jan 03 2021