What to Expect

Heritage strives to be a spiritual family magnifying the Father, maturing in the Son, and spreading the message of reconciliation throughout our community and the world. Our Worship Service is warm, vibrant, and focused on God. During the time in worshiping with music we are led in singing a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary choruses. Dynamic preaching takes us into God’s Word and helps us apply its truths to our daily lives.

As you enter the doors at Heritage, we hope the first sound you hear is the laughter of friends happy to be see each other again. People wander the halls greeting each other and catching up with lives as they head for group classes or corporate worship. You may notice pictures on the walls – mostly photos of the people of Heritage – because our people are important.

The volunteers at the Welcome Center can answer all of your questions or find someone who can.  They’ll tell you about the different Sunday School classes and will even walk you to the class you choose.  These Sunday morning classes  are open to guests and will do everything they can to make you feel welcome.

Upon entering the sanctuary, look around and you will see other signs of who we are as a church. Banners of God decorate the walls. God is truly the focus of Heritage. Our pastors will be wandering the aisles of the sanctuary, stopping to greet and visit with people. We make it a point to welcome and visit with our guests. Once the service starts, you will truly understand what we’re all about – the truth from God’s Word.

Sunday 10:30 am Worship Service Options

  • WORSHIP CENTER: While masks are optional in the Worship Center (and throughout our buildings except in the mask-only venue), please be sensitive to those who may be concerned about their health. If you see someone wearing a mask, be thoughtful and maintain social distance and ask them if they would like for you to put on a mask while you speak to them.
  • CHAPEL/OVERFLOW: The service is being live-streamed in the Chapel each week. This is a great option for those who arrive after the Worship Center is full or who prefer a smaller gathering with even more room for social distancing. Masks are optional in the Chapel with the same suggestions for being sensitive to those with personal health concerns.
  • ROOM 106: The service is being live-streamed in Room 106 and this option is for those who prefer to be in smaller gathering in which masks are required by all who attend.
  • HOME: We will, of course, continue to live-stream our Sunday morning worship service for those who choose to worship with us from their homes.

Sundays 9:00 am