Zach Sprowls

Pastor of Worship and Music

I grew up in a Christian home and always loved two things: music and the church. My grandfather, to whom I was very close, was a pastor and a musician his entire life. I view my life as a continuation of his legacy.

But though I have a strong Christian heritage, I really didn’t understand the gospel well until I was in college. To me, God was someone just waiting for me to mess up all the time and constantly angry with me. My Christianity was largely just legalism. But when I got to college, the Lord sent me a mentor who taught me that “there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1) and that victory comes as we “walk according to the Spirit” (Galatians 5:16). My journey toward music ministry went into top gear after that realization.

When I graduated college in 2010, I married Beth and we moved to Maryland where I served Covenant Life Church and Sovereign Grace Music as an intern under Bob Kauflin and Ken Boer. After two years, the Lord led us to Northern Virginia where I served a church as worship leader and associate pastor. That’s also where our two kids were born – Lydia and Darren.

During our time in Virginia, the Lord really expanded the small dreams I had for myself. I was able to teach music, write music, record an album, start a sheet music transcription business, and just live the life of a freelance musician (with all its ups and downs!) – all things I never dreamed I’d be doing. With all the opportunities I had, a passion began to well up within me to see churches sing the kinds of songs they should be singing, not just the ones they want to sing, and base their ministries on the gospel, not just “what works.”

After 5 years in Virginia, in 2017, the Lord led us out west to Heritage Baptist Church. Though it’s hotter than blazes out here, we’ve loved the people, the slower pace of life, the good food and coffee, and the opportunity to serve a community we know we’re supposed to be a part of.

The mission statement of my ministry here is to shepherd the people of God to be all-of-life, gospel-shaped worshipers by developing a ministry with the following gospel distinctives: trinitarian (God-focused, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered), biblical (in accuracy and content – all parts of it, especially the Psalms), missional, diverse (in age, race, and style), emotionally honest, organizationally cooperative, historically informed.