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Registration deadline is February 2, Cost $35

Big Weekend is a weekend for High School and Middle School students. We join with several other student ministries from all over Edmond to connect and learn what it means to follow Christ. Students spend time altogether in large group sessions as well as small group time, with grade-level groupings in host homes from our church.

This year, our theme is Help and Hope. We live in a broken world, where sin and suffering reign. The need to succeed is ever present in our lives. No matter how hard we try, it never seems to be enough. However, this week students and leaders will gather together to hear of the Help and Hope that Jesus offers to those who are in need. Over the course of the weekend, attendees will hear what to do with guilt, worry, brokenness, and fear as we look to Christ through the Psalms. Join us for this BIG Weekend, where we might evaluate our own hearts and be changed by the gospel of Christ. Cost is $35 per student. Main Sessions will be at Henderson Hills Baptist Church

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SPEAKER: Samuel Bierig

Samuel Bierig serves as the undergraduate dean and assistant professor of Biblical Studies at Spurgeon College. He also serves as an elder at Liberty Baptist Church. Sam is pursuing his Ph.D. in Theology at Midwestern and holds degrees from Southern Seminary and Ouachita Baptist University. He is under contract with Rainer Publishing to author a book on church leadership, “How to Use Your Words for Good” (working title). He is also a regular contributor at He is married to Mallory and they have two children: Abby and Levi.

BAND: Soul Society

Soul Society is a worship band from Shawnee, Oklahoma. The group consists of Bailey Byers, Logan Harper, Ben Burke, Noah Frank, and Jared Landreth. Collectively, they have more than 15 years of experience leading worship, and have been able to lead together for the last three and a half years. In the Summer of 2015, they came together with a passion to create music for the Kingdom. Since then, they have relished every opportunity to grow together and lead people in worship of the one true King.


Sean Emory is a perception artist who uses his art to share his testimony and the gospel. Sean has trained alongside some of the world’s greatest illusionists and is an incredible communicator. Sean shares, “I felt I needed to ‘know’, but then I realized I didn’t have to know—all I had to do was believe. That was when I knew I was called to be a minister of the gospel. From that point to today, I work to use the gifts God has given to reach people for Him.”


Feb 14 2020 - Feb 16 2020


Chad "Kicker" Kositzky

Other Organizers

Katy Stulce
Katy Stulce