Online Church Directory

Please take advantage of this resource and consider: sending a note or calling someone from the Heritage Family; connect names with faces; or use it as a prayer guide to help you pray for people by name. If you have not used the Online Directory yet, please follow the instructions below to set up your account.

Instructions – In order to gain access you have to set up an account AND opt in to the directory. The steps below will walk you thru the process. After this initial set-up has been completed you will be able to access the directory with a couple of clicks. Even if you personally don’t intend to use the directory please consider serving the rest of the Body by taking a few minutes to opt in so your picture and name will be included.

  1. Go to —
  2. Sign In — if you have already set up a username and password for online giving or to register for something online in the past please use that same info and proceed to step #3.
    –If you have not set up an account yet please try using the same email address that church already has on file for you—the address from which you currently receive Heritage emails). If you prefer to use a different email after setting the account up you can easily change it after you log-in by clicking “Update Profile”).
    –Choose a password that is easy for you to remember since you will use in the future to access the directory or to do online giving/payment.
  3. Now click “Privacy Setting”
  4. Scroll down and click “Include me in Church Directory” and then “Save Privacy Setting”
  5. To access the directory click the “Home” button on the top left, then click “Church Directory” located just under the “Privacy Settings” link.
    –(IF you do NOT see Church Directory as an option please email Lauren and let her know so we can resolve the problem)

We recommend that each adult set up an account with their own email and password and change their privacy settings as directed above in order to be included in the directory. This will also allow them to register and pay for future events. Note: If you prefer to remove your e-mail, phone or address from the directory you can go to “Home” — then “Privacy Settings” — and then slide the Green bar at the top back to “Group Members” on whichever field you prefer to remove from the directory.

Now that you have been added you can access the directory by going to our website ( and then clicking “Church Directory” at the bottom right of the page. Sign-in and then click Church Directory (or Home then Church Directory).  The directory will continue to grow as more of us opt in so check back periodically and see who else has been added.

Notice that you can change your picture and update any information as needed by clicking Update Profile on the main welcome page.

Please call (405-720-1449) or email if we can help in any way.